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Helping homebuyers with affordable housing options by challenging the standard of what home ownership is so that financial freedom is the norm, not the exception.


Who Are We?

Our goal is to serve a wide variety of customers, varying in age from young adults to retirees, while focusing on technological innovation from Smart Windows and miniature central vac systems, to photovoltaic window film and everything in between. Those who consider tiny house living do so for several reasons, including: downsizing after retirement, reducing expenses, ease of portability, or adding a detached secondary guest suite to an already developed property. Tiny homes provide an opportunity to actually own a home in a real estate market where many are either priced out or can’t get approved for a mortgage due to their already existing debt load.

Pre Designed Standard Model

Each tiny house will vary in design, ranging from 20’ at the shortest length, to 40’ at the longest. Each unit will have a variable manufacturing time depending on the size, complexity, and design of each unit. Tiny house RVs which are able to sustain themselves 100% both in terms of generating their own electricity and maintaining their own built in freshwater system, by way of solar and wind power, as well as hydrogen fuel cell technology, and a rain collection and water filtration technology.


Customizable and Interchangeable

Customizable and interchangeable options for base models. Each “shell” will have a variety of interior layout options and customizable features and design options. Typically, features most sought after in tiny homes are off grid features such as: composting or incinerating toilets and water collection and filtration systems. All units will be built to have off grid features as well as “plug and play” capabilities. This will allow our homes to be used anywhere a client may want to take them. All our units will be built to operate both on and off grid.

Our Promise

Vedahawk Tiny Homes will strive to create and maintain an image of a company which is trustworthy and dependable in their business practices, treating each client as an individual with specific needs and wants, not just as another sale, as well as innovative, eco friendly, and driven by sustainability in their manufacturing and design processes.


Build Your Tiny Home

Better, CLEANER products. Better, more EFFICIENT designs. And most of all, MORE for your money.