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Welcome to VedaHawk Tiny Homes

Helping homebuyers with affordable housing options by challenging the standard of what home ownership is so that financial freedom is the norm, not the exception.


Who Are We?

VedaHawk Tiny Homes was founded in April of 2020 by me, Cordell Pollock. After being laid off from my old career due to the pandemic, I decided it was time to move on and pursue my biggest goal, designing and building tiny homes on wheels. I took the lemons that life had dealt and made myself some lemonade… Tiny house flavored lemonade. Our goal is to serve customers from all walks of life, who seek tiny homes for many different reasons including downsizing after retirement, vacation getaways, unique offerings in their businesses, reducing expenses, ease of portability, or adding a detached secondary guest suite to an already developed property, among others. Tiny homes provide an opportunity to own a home in a real estate market where many are either priced out or can’t get approved for a mortgage due to their already existing debt load. So if you feel that a tiny home on wheels could scratch an itch in your life, then give us a call and let’s make it happen.

Our Promise

If you choose to build with VedaHawk Tiny Homes, then this is our promise to you. As a client, know that we see you as an individual with specific needs and wants, not just as another sale. We understand that making the decision to pursue a tiny home for whatever reason carries weight. It is a big decision, and we don’t overlook that. We will be right at your side as you make your way through this new adventure, so you feel comfortable all along the way. From day one, right through to the day you take possession and beyond, we are here for you. Period.


Build Your Tiny Home

Better, CLEANER products. Better, more EFFICIENT designs. And most of all, MORE for your money.