About VedaHawk Tiny Homes

Why VedaHawk Tiny Homes?

We are glad you asked.

Most importantly. Communities. In a nutshell, VedaHawk Tiny Homes is in the business of building a new, different kind of community. As time goes on, house prices rise, debt rises, and owning a home becomes a dream instead of a reality for so many people. Our long-term goal is to develop a number of tiny house eco villages throughout Western Canada with a focus on green technology and sustainability. Imagine a community where people could live within their means because owning a home would not mean mortgages and more debt. We believe that tiny homes are a creative, cost effective solution to a growing problem of being priced out of the market.


Secondly, we care. We REALLY care. Not only do we care about our product and our customers, we care about our IMPACT. All our tiny homes are built with efficiency and an eco-friendly build process in mind. All products and components that go into our tiny homes reflect our desire to meet the standard of home ownership and knock it out of the park. Whether it is a full graphite polystyrene thermal break or SMART window film, you will know from the moment you connect with us that low impact, innovative technology is what we are all about. Not convinced yet? For every tree worth of lumber used in building our tiny houses, VedaHawk Tiny Homes plants two in its place.

Third. Features. VedaHawk Tiny Homes are packed full of innovative technology and features. Why build a stagnant product that does not evolve with an ever-changing tech industry? We are constantly monitoring new and emerging technology making its way into the consumer market and finding ways to incorporate these technologies into our homes. Along with a focus on technological innovation, we are constantly coming up with fun and fancy ways to utilize space in our tiny homes. We don’t think in cubic feet, we think in cubic inches.

And lastly, but no less important, standards. No, not building standards, though we do meet and exceed all of those by a big margin. We are talking about standard FEATURES. Have you ever bought a new car and found out just how much you get charged for the bells and whistles? Though we do offer many additions and upgrades in all our designs and models, many features that would be considered upgrades by other manufacturers are considered standard features in our tiny houses. You will not pay extra for a thermal break on your tiny house, or extra for in floor heat, because many little perks just like these are simply included in our designs.

Better, CLEANER products. Better, more EFFICIENT designs. And most of all, MORE for your money.