If you have ever stayed in a camper or RV on a cold night you know how it feels to wake up in the morning to that chilly air inside. It is hard to avoid unless you want to listen to your heater kicking on and off all night long.

At VedaHawk Tiny Homes, we have developed a standard system to keep you and your tiny house warm and comfortable, even on the really cold nights.

Our standard starts right at the subfloor. At 5 ½” thick our subfloors are comprised of three layers. The first layer consists of a 2” Halo Subterra 30 GPS (graphite polystyrene) thermal break, meaning the floor joists sit on top of this layer to prevent thermal drift.

“But what about floor strength?” you may ask.

Not a problem. Subterra 30 has a compressive strength of 30psi, more than enough to handle the structural weight. Following the Subterra layer, we then have two layers of Halo Interra GPS totalling 3 ½”. Interra is specifically made to keep the heat in and prevent thermal drifting using a highly reflective laminate to reflect heat back to the interior. Moving on from the floor insulation, we install in-floor heat lines directly on top of the Halo Interra to maximize its heat retaining properties. Heat rises, so why not have it start right beneath your feet?

From the floor to the walls, we then have a complete thermal envelope surrounding the walls and roof comprised of Halo Exterra, the final piece of our Halo cocoon. Available in 1”, 1 1/2 “ and 2” thickness, depending on your needs. Creating a complete thermal envelope around the floor, walls and roof eliminates having to compensate for thermal drift. Thermal drift, also called thermal bridging, happens when heat escapes through parts of your structure which are not insulated from the outside elements. In the case of wood or steel stud framed structures, this heat loss happens through the wall studs and floor and roof joists.

In the walls and roof we then use a 2lb closed cell polyurethane spray foam for interior insulation. Spray foam insulation is not only more efficient than all other forms of insulation, it also acts as an air, water and moisture barrier, and adds up to 300% structural strength when fully cured. Bonus.

At VedaHawk Tiny Homes, we take thermal efficiency seriously, which is why we developed this standard for our tiny homes. So weather you are parked by a frozen lake getting in some ice fishing time, or parked in a more permanent location, you can be confident that you and your home will be nice and toasty, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.