Minimalism. Simply defined, minimalism is all about living with less, and needing less. Forgoing our continuous WANTS that we convince ourselves we NEED, in favor of a lifestyle of less. Less financial burdens, like debt and unnecessary expenses.

For many minimalists, the idea of a minimalist lifestyle is to rid our lives of excess, identifying true necessities, and living a life based on experiences, not on material possession.

But it doesn’t stop there. Diet, health, home, and busyness can all be affected by a minimalist lifestyle. Choosing simpler, healthier foods. Developing a connection with our personal health by taking responsibility for what we put in our bodies. Decluttering our homes. Looking at all our things and stuff and defining what holds value can go a long way in figuring out what you need.

One great way to do this is to define what brings you joy. Going over each possession and asking ourselves “Does this bring me joy?”. If the answer is no, send it to the purge. Busyness. In this day and age, our lives are constantly driving forward at an exhausting rate. Learning to eliminate unnecessary tasks from our day to day can help us to slow down our lives. By constantly being busy and having things to do and places to go, it is so easy to look past all the things in this world that hold beauty. There is a reason people say “Stop to smell the roses”.

Choosing to get into the tiny house lifestyle provides the opportunity to also experience minimalism at it’s best. Downsizing your home. Purging all the possessions we have emotional attachments to that provide no value in our lives. Living with less and needing less. Learning to lead a sustainable lifestyle may sound like a daunting task, but it is absolutely a realistic goal. Taking that first step may not seem like much, but every journey starts with just one step. If you are not satisfied with the life you lead, or are always tired and worn down from the day to day grind, consider what you need in life. Define what holds value. Define what brings you joy. Identify what is NECESSARY in your life, and slowly, all the things that drag you down will melt away.