What makes VedaHawk Tiny Homes unique is that we focus specifically on technological innovation in our building practices and the inclusion of eco friendly/green and smart technology in all aspects of each unit. Every aspect of each home built will have been thoroughly researched to find ways that we can improve upon the standard of how a house is built. VedaHawk Tiny Homes will continually look at new ways of incorporating new technologies as they are emerging in the market, from unique storage solutions and harnessing solar and wind power, to water filtration and heat loss mitigation, every aspect will focus on incorporating what is new, not just what is known.

Twenty Twenty 1_1650x1650
Pre Designed Standard Model Tiny Houses on Wheels

Each tiny house will vary in design, ranging from 20’ at the shortest length, to 40’ at the longest. Each unit will have a variable manufacturing time depending on the size, complexity, and design of each unit. Each unit will have a three year warranty period on workmanship as well as assistance with manufacturer warranties. Additional warranty packages will be available for purchase.

Customizable and Interchangeable Options

Customizable and interchangeable options for base models. Each “shell” will have a variety of interior layout options and customizable features and design options. All of these options and features will be determined and agreed upon during the design process.

Custom Design Option

VedaHawk Tiny Homes also offers a custom design option. This will be a longer design process, as the entirety of the structure will be designed from the ground up. Choosing a custom option will incur additional to-be-determined costs, depending on the complexity of the design.

Moving and Relocation

Moving and relocation of tiny houses for clients who do not have a vehicle capable of moving their tiny house.

VedaHawk Tiny Homes offers a number of competitive moving packages based on moves per year and distance to be traveled, with fees incurring beyond those distances. Should the client choose to forego this option, a move can be arranged for a fee which will be determined by a flat rate regional fee and the distance the tiny house is to be moved.

Replenishment Package

VedaHawk Tiny Homes offers regional replenishment packages for consumable resources such as propane and water, as well as battery bank servicing.


Every unit built and sold by VedaHawk Tiny Homes will come with a three year manufacturers warranty package included. Additional warranty packages will be available for purchase. The three year warranty period will not extend to products or hardware installed in the home that carry their own warranty periods. VedaHawk Tiny Homes will assist in the assessment and repair of any issues with the workmanship during this period, as well as facilitating manufacturer warranty should the need arise. Once the included or extended warranty has expired, VedaHawk Tiny Homes will still be available for assistance in any and all workmanship and manufacturer issues that may arise. Cost for out-of-warranty repairs will be determined based on location of the tiny home and assessment for repairs.

Our Tiny Homes

Twenty Twenty 1_1650x1650

The Twenty Twenty

Learn More About The Twenty Twenty

Picture this:

It’s winter, and it’s cold. Real cold. You are curled up in your tiny house enjoying a hot cup of cocoa without a care in the world about getting too cold. Why? Because all our tiny homes come standard with  a 5 1/2” thick subfloor insulated entirely with graphite polystyrene, coated with thermal film to keep the heat in and keep the cold out, and on top of that insulation is an in-floor heating system. As well as the floor, the entire exterior of our tiny homes have a continuous layer of GPS to create a thermal break, so you won’t need to worry about heat loss through the building structure. Worried about the environment? Not a problem, graphite polystyrene is considered environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable and is Ozone layer friendly as well, no CFC’s or HCFC’s.

Storage? No worries. No matter what size your tiny house, you’ll have plenty of cabinets and cupboards for all the necessities. What about my clothes? You might ask. VedaHawk Tiny Homes has designed a pneumatically controlled drop down storage system built right into the framing of the bunk. Nine cubic feet of storage are built seamlessly into the frame, with a barrel lock for the days you are travelling down the road on all your tiny house adventures.

What about cooking? Non-factor. With a 4 cubic foot 3-way fridge, you won’t have to worry about food storage anytime soon, and with your 22” gas powered range you will have no problem cooking in your tiny house.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CLEANING? Of course. It’s a small space, we get it. You will see dirt everywhere, right?… Right? No. Not with an optional central vac system thrown in the mix. With hookups placed strategically throughout the home and a hose that can reach anywhere from any hookup location, you won’t have any trouble keeping it clean, whether you are doing a deep clean or a quick tidy, you will be done in no time.

PRIVACY. With all these windows, people will be able to just look right into my home. Sure, that may be true. Unless you upgrade to SMART window film. With the flip of a switch and little bit of electricity, you can turn your windows from transparent to opaque when you want a little extra privacy.

The Twenty Twenty is packed full of regular household features to make your tiny house life seem not so tiny after all. With plenty of additional options and upgrades available, your tiny home is what you make it, and home is where you take it.

The Twenty Twenty is our first tiny house model. This is where it all began. The Twenty Twenty has plenty of features and options to get excited about. When you think about living or spending time in a tiny house, what sorts of features do you see yourself wanting? The Twenty Twenty is built with many standard premium features and lots of optional upgrades. Standard features like graphite polystyrene and custom storage options are what make this model rise above the competition.