Home Is Where You Take It

The Twenty Twenty

The Fungal Fortress

The Shasta

Custom Design

VedaHawk Tiny Homes designs, engineers and manufactures custom tiny homes on wheels. From on-grid to off-grid, steel to lumber and everything in between, custom is the name of the game and we score every single time.

Moving and Relocation

VedaHawk Tiny Homes offers moving and relocation for clients who do not have a vehicle capable of moving their tiny house. Fees for moving are determined by a flat rate regional fee plus distance to be travelled and a fuel surcharge.


Every unit built and sold by VedaHawk Tiny Homes will come with a one year manufacturers warranty included. Additional warranty packages will be available for purchase. The one year warranty period will not extend to products or hardware installed in the home that carry their own warranty periods. VedaHawk Tiny Homes will assist in the assessment and repair of any issues with the workmanship during this period, as well as facilitating manufacturer warranty should the need arise. Once the included or extended warranty has expired, VedaHawk Tiny Homes will still be available for assistance in any and all workmanship and manufacturer issues that may arise. Cost for out-of-warranty repairs will be determined based on location of the tiny home and assessment for repairs.

What makes VedaHawk Tiny Homes unique is that we focus specifically on technological innovation in our building practices and the inclusion of eco friendly/green and smart technology in all aspects of each unit. Every aspect of each home built will have been thoroughly researched to find ways that we can improve upon the standard of how a house is built. VedaHawk Tiny Homes will continually look at new ways of incorporating new technologies as they are emerging in the market, from unique storage solutions and harnessing solar and wind power, to water filtration and heat loss mitigation, every aspect will focus on incorporating what is new, not just what is known.