Times are changing, and the daily routine we know as the rat race is changing with them. With the onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic, many of our worlds have been turned upside down. From layoffs and business closures to restrictions and lockdowns, we have all been affected in one way or another. One thing that has come out of the pandemic is that a lot of individuals and companies are learning that they can work and run their businesses from home. There are even studies showing that employees are more productive when they work from home. This has presented a unique opportunity for many people to escape the rat race.

But what if you could take that escape one step further? If you could take your job with you and do it from anywhere so long as you have your computer, would you do it? Considering a tiny house as your primary residence could provide the means to being a part of this freeing lifestyle and allow you to travel and see more of the world as a result.

Tired of prairies? Go to the mountains. Want to see the coast? Then go to the coast. And take your house with you when you do. Growing up, many of us would have said that we would like to travel and see more of the world, then time passes, and we simply have not seen the things we thought we might. Why not do it now? Seize the opportunity. Jump headfirst into the tiny lifestyle. Give VedaHawk Tiny Homes a call and see all the places tiny life can take you.